Which is the most preferred CI engines fuel?

For CI engines, the normal paraffins are the best fuels and aromatics are the least desirable. For SI engines the aromatics are the best fuel and the paraffins are least desirable.

Which fuel is used in IC engine?

Gasolines are the main fuel for spark-ignition internal combustion engines (Otto engines), diesel fuels are for compression ignition internal combustion engines (diesel engines), marine fuels are for shipping, and aviation turbine fuels (JET fuels) are used for aviation turbines.

What is the advantage of gaseous fuel *?

-It has high calorific value so it is more efficient for engines. -It produces a great amount of heat energy with combustion of only one kg fuel. -It does not leave any ash on burning unlike the solid and liquid fuels. -Gases are easily compressed hence it can be easily stored.

How CI engine fuels are rated?

Every fuel is rated between 0 to 100. Higher octane number fuels allows higher compression ratio in the engine, which can provide better performance. Cetane number is used for diesel engines. For compression ignition engines only air is compressed and fuel is injected into the cylinder.

What are characteristics of good fuel?

What are the characteristics of a good fuel?

  • The fuel should be easily available.
  • It should be dry and should have less moisture content.
  • Dry fuel increases its calorific value.
  • It should be inexpensive, compact, and high in caloric content.
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What is a good fuel definition?

Fuel is said to be good fuel if it produces a large amount of heat on burning without producing a lot of smoke and is easily available. The fuel must be easily accessible and available at an economical price.

Which is the most accurate petrol injection system?

Explanation: The most accurate petrol injection system is port injection. In this system, the injector sprays the fuel into each intake port on the manifold side of the inlet valve.

What is a CI engine?

Definition of ‘CI engine’

A CI engine is an engine in which the fuel charge is ignited by the heat of compression. The process of combustion in the CI engine is fundamentally different from that in a spark-ignition engine. In a CI engine, air is let into the combustion chamber and compressed to a very high pressure.

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