What are the main characteristics of synchronous motor?

Characteristics of Synchronous Motor are constant speed motors. The speed of the motor is decided by the number of poles and frequency. Compared to an induction motor, it is very sensitive to sudden changes of load. This causes a hunting of the rotor and finally leads to stability problems.

What is synchronous motor PDF?

INTRODUCTION. Synchronous motor is a doubly fed. motor; three-phase power is given to. the stator while the rotor is fed from a. DC source for excitation of the field.

What is synchronous speed and it’s formula?

The synchronous speed of an AC motor is determined by the frequency of the source and the number of poles. The RPM is calculated by multiplying the frequency times 60 and dividing by the number of pairs of poles. … Actual speed of the induction motor will be less than the synchronous speed.

What is difference between induction motor and synchronous motor?

While synchronous motors have higher efficiency and no slip, induction motors have good starting torque. The synchronous motor has no starting torque. Power factor is lagging in induction motor and unity in synchronous motor. Capex is lower for induction while Opex is lower for synchronous.

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