Is the 46rh a good transmission?

The 46RH/RE transmissions are very good, from an engineering standpoint they are good. They can easily withstand up to the 600 ft-lbs torque they are rated for.

What vehicles have a 46RH transmission?

A518 (46RH/46RE)

  • Dodge Ram pickup and vans 150/250/350 V8 and diesel engines (DGT)
  • Dodge Ramcharger SUV 1988-1993 5.2L & 5.9L V8.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 5.2L, 1998 5.9L.
  • 1995 Dodge Dakota 5.2L Magnum V8.
  • 1996 Dodge Dakota V8.
  • 1998–2003 Dodge Dakota R/T.
  • 1998-2003 Dodge Durango 5.9L V8 (4WD or 2WD)

What’s the difference between 46RE and 46RH?

They both use the same front half up to the bell housing, but the rear is different. The 46RH is longer overall and non computer controlled for shifting. The 46RE is the short one and is computer controlled shift points.

What did the 46RH transmission come in?

The A-518 is also known as a 46RH transmission and was used extensively by Chrysler in the early to mid- ’90s as a replacement for the A-727. It is the heavier-duty cousin of the A-500 overdrive, typically used behind V-6 engines in the mid-’90s.

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What vehicles have a 48RE transmission?

Chrysler 48RE Specs

Transmission: Chrysler 48RE
Predecessor: 47RE
Model Years/Applications: 2003 – 2007 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
Case Material: Aluminum
Max Input Torque: 560 – 570 lb-ft (Chrysler strength designation “8”)

What is a 46RE transmission?

a 46RH is a newer transmission with a lock up torque converter, and over drive, also Hydraulically controlled (note the H in 46 RH) the 46RE is a transmission with a lock up torque converter, and overdrive, it is electronically controlled (note the E in 46RE) both the 46RH and 46RE are improved variations of the A518.

What kind of transmission is in a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500?

Used Transmission

Year 1999
Model Ram 1500
Options AT 4×4 8-360 (5.9L)
Transmission Code 46RE
Transmission Speed 4

Which is better 47RH or 47RE?

The stock 47RH output is much stronger than the stock 47RE output.

Are 5.2 and 5.9 transmission the same?

There not interchangeable. Other then that,it’s the same. Ask for the build sheet for the 5.2 and the 5.9 then you’ll know the difference.

What’s the difference between a 47RE and a 47RH?

They do both take the same converter and most internals are the same. The two big changes are valve body and tail shaft. The numbers you have above are correct except for the “7”, it stands for the trans being rated at 700 ft lbs torque.

How much power can a A518 handle?

How much power can a A518 handle? A518/46RH (‘91.5-’93): Depending on the health of the A518, 250 to 350-rwhp is all we feel safe recommending you send through it. However, also like the A727, a reputable non-lockup converter and valve body work can keep an A518 alive at or near the 400-rwhp mark for quite a while.

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What is the difference between a 727 and 904 transmission?

Re: What is the difference between the 727 and the 904 transmission? The 727 was the only available automatic transmission for big block cars. You could get a 727 for a small block, which where mostly for 340’s and 360’s or you could get a 904 which was primarily for the 318.

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