How do you tell if my motor is a 350 or 305?

What’s the difference in horsepower between a 305 and a 350?

A 350 has more torque than a 305. Hp ratings for 305’s range from just over 100 horse to around 200 stock and 350’s range from about 170-225 stock.

Will a 350 engine fit a 305?

305/350/400 should all have same mounting points, just different bore/stroke.

How do I know if my engine is a 350 or 400?

Check the bore on the engine if the heads are off. The Chevy 350 cubic inch engine has a 4-inch bore whereas a 400 cubic inch engine has a 4.125-inch bore. The 350 has a 3.48-inch stroke, and the 400 has a 3.75-inch stroke. The 350 rods are 5.7 inches whereas the 400 has 5.565 inch rods.

How do you read a engine serial number?

Your serial number is located on your engine plate, often located on the left-hand side of the engine. Typically the first letters and numbers will identify the engine, for example, DJ51279, to find all the parts we have online for your engine.

Does a 305 get better gas mileage than a 350?

But replacing your 350 with a 305 may get worse, depending on vehicle size and weight, driving style, and transmission/rear gear. In my case, a stripped down short Safari van converted to manual five speed, a 305 will always be better MPG than a 350, and geared correctly will have plenty of power.

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What year is the best Chevy 305 engine?

What year is the best Chevrolet 305 engine? The simple answer to this question is that it depends. If you’re looking for high horsepower, look to a later fuel-injected model in the late 1980s or early 1990s. If you’d prefer a carburetted model, a late 1970s or early 1980s model will do well.

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