How You Can Maintain Your Vehicle’s AC

What You Need to Do

As we start to get closer to summer and the weather gets warmer, we look to our vehicle’s AC system to keep us cool and comfortable. But in order for the system to do its job, we need to do our job in doing the simple maintenance tasks to keep it going. Failing to do these tasks will eventually result in system trouble, and that can lead to uncomfortable drives. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your vehicle’s AC system is functioning all year long!

Use The System

When you’re learning a new skill, there’s an adage that goes around that encourages people to keep practicing: use it or lose it. This advice can be applied to your vehicle’s AC system. Make sure that once every week, you have it running for around 10 minutes or so. Even if it’s a little cold, make sure you run it. Not only will it help maintain its function, but it will also help with preventing mildew or any other foul smells from building up within.

Clean The Air Filter

The air filter helps funnel out any of the bacteria, dust, pollen, or any other contaminants that can be typically found outside of your vehicle. It’s the reason why you’re able to inhale clean air, and it’s important that you have this filter clean or changed on a consistent basis. Location of the filter may vary, so check your owner’s manual to determine where it is in your vehicle and what filter it can use! If you decide to clean it, make sure to use water! Consult with our professionals if you’re unsure how to properly clean it.

Schedule a Visit With Us

Every two years, the AC system needs to be recharged in order to maintain its level of performance. This requires professional help, and the team at Dave’s Lamont Street Repair is eagerly waiting to help your vehicle. We make sure to tune-up the system, refresh the gas, lubricate all the moving parts, and change or clean the filters it uses. By the end of your visit with us, you’ll have a fully functioning AC system that’ll keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Written by Daves Lamont Street Auto Repair

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