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2004 Chrysler Sebring


Chrysler Sebring

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Services Performed
  • Services performed by a Certified Technician: Use of hand held scan tools and /or laptop computer programs to access trouble codes causing check engine light, Use of computer diagnostic programs, Use of internet subsciption technical websites, Use of up to 1 hour of technicians time to determine the source of the problem causing the trouble code, Most but not all check engine lights or other driveability problems can be determined by the Check Engine Light/Level 1 service, Some Codes may require additional diagnostic fees and time to accurately diagnose the necessary repairs needed. Some codes may require a READINESS MONITOR RESET Procedure to verify that the code does not reset and that the recommended repair solved the issue, there will be an additional charge to perform this procedure. These are the codes stored in computer memory: P0202 Fuel injector #2 system fault P0302 #2 cylinder misfire We checked the spark plug in #2 cylinder, it is black and fouled. We tested the #2 injector circuit-noid light plugged into injector harnes, it flashes-good electrical signal. We performed a resistance test on the injector-4.9 ohms, spec is 12.0 ohms, we tested the 5 other injectors, they all passed #4 13ohms, #6 14 ohms, #1 14.1 ohms, #3 14.0 ohms, #5 14.1 ohms. We recommend replace #2 fuel injector. #2 cyl showed 61 misfires and #4 cyl showed 0 misfires on scan tool, we switched the ignition coils and #4 cyl now showed 10 misfires, we recommend replace that igntion coil and all 6 spark plugs. The throttle valve has excessive carbon buildup on the valve and interior of throttle housing, we recommend to perform an efi cleaning service.
  • Replace #2 fuel injector, must remove upper intake manifold to replace injector.
  • SPARK PLUGS – Replace, #2 plug is fouled
  • Remove air hose and clean throttle valve, run concentrated cleaner through intake manifold port to clean fuel injectors and interior of intake manifold, After concentrate has been run through Intake System the car must be driven immediately to clear out all fuel cleaner concentrate. Helps restore lost fuel economy, lowers exhaust emissions and helps restore performance and power.
  • Replace right rear valve cover gasket and 3 spark plug tube oil seals, gasket is leaking externally down engine block
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