Quick Answer: How does a box fan motor work?

The induction motor inside a box fan has several coils of wire around a free-spinning metal rotor. As alternating current flows into the wires, it sets up a moving magnetic field around the rotor. This makes the rotor take on its own magnetic field. The two magnetic fields repel each other, pushing the rotor around.

How do box fans work?

A box fan is a compact, square device that uses a spinning blade to circulate air, producing a cooling effect. Its portable design allows you to place it in different spots, including the floor or in an open window.

How does a box fan change speeds?

A box fan changes speed by changing available torque from the motor. It does this by changing motor taps, which is what is happening when you turn the knob. When you reduce available torque you are increasing slip.

How powerful is a box fan motor?

For a 20″ box fan, the CFM can range from around 1000 CFM up to 2500 CFM. The most powerful box fan available is the Lasko 3723 which has 2500 CFM.

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Why do box fans stop working?

Beside above, what causes a box fan to stop working? Check the Fan Fuse Like the circuit breakers in your house, these fuses are designed to break the electrical connection when too much electricity causes your fan to overheat. When the fuse melts, it breaks the connection and cuts power to the fan.

Do box fans use a lot of electricity?

Do box fans use a lot of electricity? Box fans use a lot less power compared to other cooling appliances. When compared to other household appliances, box fans do not use a lot of electricity, unless they’re running for a substantial period of time.

What kind of motor is in a box fan?

Nearly all box fans are driven by induction motors. Electricity comes into the house as alternating current (AC). The current switches direction 60 times every second, going from negative to positive. When a moving electric current is run into a coil, it creates a moving magnetic field.

How do you make a box fan slower?

How to Slow Down a Box Fan

  1. Check the voltage and current requirements for the fan. These can be found on the manufacturer’s label on the fan. …
  2. Look at the fan power cord. …
  3. Connect one end of the cut wire to one of the two screw terminals on the dimmer switch. …
  4. Turn the fan on its lowest setting.

How can I make my fan move slower?

You can make it slower with a variable speed controller, but you shouldn’t. Most fan motors aren’t designed to rotate slower than the lowest speed of the switch or pull chain. If you put it on a variable speed control, the motor will burn up.

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Is a box fan good?

Effective and powerful:

Box fans have higher CFM than window fans. They are good for getting rid of smoke, dust, or odours from a room, especially if you place them near a window so they can push the air out of the room. Some models of box fans are more powerful than others, but most of them will get the job done well.

How many RPM is a box fan?

Single speed fans: typically reach speeds around 500 RPM (revolutions per minute). Dual speed fans: can reach maximum speeds in the 800-1,000 RPM range. Three-speed fans: have variable speeds in the 500-1,000 RPM range.

How can you tell if a fan fuse is blown?

You can tell if the fuse is blown because the fan will not even attempt to turn or make any noise. If you ‘fling’ the blades with your hand, still nothing (sometimes that starts them when they are sticking). But if the fan makes a noise like it is trying to start then it isnt the fuse.

How long can you run a box fan?

You can leave a fan running continuously for eight hours, on average, without worrying about unexpected ceiling damage or fires in your home.

How long should a box fan last?

Ceiling fans of lower quality bought at a big box home improvement store can last for up to 20 years, but they may only last 3 years, according to Bob Holland of Lehigh Valley Electric Inc. For 30 years, ceiling fans can be rotating.

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