Does GMC make a 5 cylinder engine?

General Motors Corp. recently announced that it is launching a new inline 5-cyl. engine, which will combine the power of a 6-cyl. with the fuel economy of a 4-cyl., for its redesigned 2004 Chevrolet and GMC midsize pickup trucks.

Is the GM 5 cylinder engine good?

the 5 Cylinder. … The 3.7-liter, five-pot engine provided a good balance between fuel economy and power, as its mileage was nearly the same as the midsize pickup’s base, four-cylinder engine, and it cranked out a respectable 242 horsepower and 242 foot-pounds of torque in the 2012 model.

What vehicles have a 5 cylinder engine?

Since then, the five-cylinder engine has seen applications in some truly great cars.

  • 10 Acura Vigor.
  • 9 Fiat Coupe.
  • 8 Alfa Romeo 159.
  • 7 Ford Focus RS.
  • 6 Volvo 850 R.
  • 5 Mercedes-Benz W123.
  • 4 Volkswagen Bora/Jetta V5.
  • 3 Audi RS3.

Why do Volvos have 5 cylinders?

For Volvo they look for 5 cylinders have a bespoke firing order that can even its power strokes throughout the crankshaft’s rotation. five-cylinder setup leads to a firing interval of 144 degrees of crankshaft rotation.

Why did Audi make a 5 cylinder engine?

The first Audi Quattro, in 1980, was powered by a turbocharged 2.1-liter five-cylinder from the 200 5T sedan, uprated to a stout 200 horsepower. Initially, Audi wanted to build just 400 examples to homologate the car for World Rally Championship racing.

Is the 4 cylinder Colorado good?

The four-cylinder engine is fine for driving around, but the Colorado is noticeably slower and less capable with it under the hood. … The diesel is smooth, and it unlocks the Colorado’s highest towing capacity. What’s more, most class rivals don’t offer a diesel powertrain.

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Does a V5 engine exist?

A V5 engine is a five-cylinder piston engine where the cylinders share a common crankshaft and are arranged in a V configuration. V5 engine designs are very uncommon, with the only production version of one being the 1997-2006 Volkswagen Group VR5 engine.

Does Volvo still use 5 cylinder engines?

Volvo designed their own D5 engine which has been available in most of their vehicle line since 2001. In 2015 however it was dropped in favour of smaller, 4-cylinder engines, which replaced most of the D5 engines. Currently, there are no other Volvo 5 cylinder Diesel engines being made.

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