Are cup holders required on car seats?

Cup holders are optional on the Comfort Sport, Classic Ride, Ready Ride, and Milestone. I use an inflatable seat belt to install my car seat? Graco has analyzed recent testing conducted by the Ford Motor Company on its inflatable seat belt system.

Why are chest clips illegal in the UK?

It is currently illegal to sell a child car seat in the UK, with a chest clip as part of the child seat. This is because our approval requirements state that a child must be released from the child seat in one movement. … The chest clip MUST sit at your child’s armpit level. It is very dangerous to get this wrong.

Why are chest clips illegal in Australia?

Despite being widely used in America, chest clips are not recommended in Australia, as they don’t meet Australian Safety Standards over concerns they may cause neck injuries in a crash. … The culmination of data showed the chest clips to not only be safe, but also reduce the risk of injury.

What year did they start putting car seat anchors in cars?

Tether anchors. 80% of new cars made on/after September 1, 1999.

What year did they start putting car seat hooks in cars?

By 1985 the first child passenger safety laws were passed. This required children under a certain age to have a car seat when riding in a vehicle. In 1995 LATCH systems were introduced. These are lower anchors and top tether anchor points that improve the stability of the seat if the car gets into an accident.

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At which angle should a car seat be installed?

Ideally, the back surface of a child car seat should be angled at around 45 degrees (about halfway back—not more) for a newborn, and can be adjusted to a slightly more upright position as the baby grows—up to about 30 degrees.

When should I remove the infant insert in car seat?

As time goes on and your baby grows, the newborn cushion and head hugger can be removed; this is generally between 5-6 months of age. When you remove the cushion from under the baby, it will ‘drop’ them down in the seat, giving them more room to grow.

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