What should you do if your car is broken down on the shoulder?

What should you do if you break down on the hard shoulder?

Come to a smooth stop, ensuring you’re as far over to the left of the hard shoulder as possible. Turn your wheels away from the motorway, too, just in case the car rolls. Turn the car’s hazard warning lights on – and the side lights, too, if it’s dark or foggy.

Should you stay in your car if it breaks down?

Do not risk personal injury by attempting to push it to a safe location. If you cannot get your vehicle to a location away from traffic, or if you are uncertain about your safety and think your vehicle may get struck from behind, do not stay in your vehicle. … oncoming traffic away from your vehicle.

Can you leave a broken down car on the hard shoulder?

If you break down on the motorway, you should attempt to drive your vehicle onto the hard shoulder as far to the left as possible. If the vehicle starts to stutter, try to stop near a Police SOS emergency telephone. … Leave the vehicle by the left-hand door and leave animals in the car.

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Should you stay in your car on the hard shoulder?

Only use an emergency area or hard shoulder in an emergency. Do not put out a warning triangle on a motorway or attempt any repairs on your vehicle because passing traffic may collide with your vehicle. Keep well away from moving traffic and your own vehicle.

What will help you to keep your car secure?

Explanation: The vehicle watch scheme helps to reduce the risk of your car being stolen. By displaying high-visibility vehicle watch stickers in your car, you’re inviting the police to stop your vehicle if it’s seen in use between midnight and 5 am.

What to do if your car breaks down and you have no money?

Call a roadside assistance company and explain the situation. Not always, but in many cases, roadside assistance services will have some kind of program in place to help when someone breaks down and they have no money to pay for services right at the time they are provided.

What is a huge way to reduce the risk of a vehicle emergency?

Some tips to drive more safely and reduce rollover:

  • Slow down: Pay attention to speed limit signs, and keep the vehicle at or below speed, especially during inclement weather. …
  • Buckle up: Always use your seatbelt.

What should you do if you break down in the fast lane?

What should you do if you breakdown in the fast lane? Worst case scenario, you breakdown on the motorway in the middle or outside lane and can’t get to the hard shoulder. In this case, keep your seatbelts on, turn on hazard lights and call 999 immediately.

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Can a car be towed on motorway?

Towing a vehicle is potentially very dangerous and should only be done for the minimum distance necessary. We would suggest that towing a vehicle should always be done by professional recovery companies/garages who have the appropriate equipment, training and experience. You should never tow on a motorway.

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