What is an ie3 motor?

The IE3 motors lie in the IE3 class of the international efficiency standard. The output of the IE3 motors is 0.75kW to 355kW. The poles for the IE3 motors are 2, 4, 6, 8. The speed range of the IE3 motors is from 750rpm to 3600rpm. The rpm frequency for IE3 motors is 50Hz or 60Hz.

What is IE2 and IE3 in motors?

Voltage and frequency: IE3/YE3 series motor rated voltage is 380V, frequency is 50Hz, 3KW (4HP) and below Y connection, other power was delta connection (or as request). IE3=IP55, which improves the ability of the motor to dust and waterproof. Efficiency:IE3 average value is 91.5%, IE2 average value is 87%.

What is the efficiency of IE4 motors?

These Super Premium Efficiency motors operate at two efficiency bands above NEMA Premium (IE3) motors. This is equivalent to a 20% reduction in motor losses. For a 0.75 kW (1 hp motor) the efficiency level for an 1800 RPM Super Premium Efficiency motor is 85.5% versus 83.5% for a Premium Efficiency motor.

What is IE rating in motor?

Internationally, there is a standard which stipulates the energy efficiency of low voltage AC motors, namely the International Efficiency (IE). The purpose of which is to promote higher energy efficiency to reduce the energy consumption and the energy cost of low voltage AC motors.

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What is IE2 IE3?

The IE Efficiency classes defined as: IE1-Standard Efficiency (Comparable to EFF2) IE2-High Efficiency (Comparable to EFF1) IE3 – Premium Efficiency. Havells is the first in India to introduce complete range of IE2, IE3 Efficiency Motors.

Which motor has highest efficiency?

Most electric motors are designed to run at 50% to 100% of rated load. Maximum efficiency is usually near 75% of rated load. Thus, a 10-horsepower (hp) motor has an acceptable load range of 5 to 10 hp; peak efficiency is at 7.5 hp. A motor’s efficiency tends to decrease dramatically below about 50% load.

Why is IE2 greater than IE1?

Second ionization energy is greater than first ionization energy for an element as it is harder to remove a negatively charged electron from the positively charged ion.

How do you calculate motor efficiency?

You can use the relationship ​​η​ = ​P​o/​P​i​, where ​P​o is output power, to determine efficiency in such cases, because ​P​i is given by ​I​ × ​V​, or current times voltage, whereas ​P​o is equal to torque ​​τ​ ​times rotational velocity ​​ω​​.

What is the difference between IE1 and IE2?

In the IEC 60034-30-1 the following efficiency classes are defined for induction motors (IE = International Efficiency : IE1 (Standard Efficiency) IE2 (High Efficiency) IE3 (Premium Efficiency)

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