What does a c6 transmission fit?

Also, the C6 transmission was used in high-performance vehicles as well as trucks with more significant engines such as Ford trucks, passenger cars, and Lincoln cars. The C6 was evident in the Ford F-Series between 1967 to 1996 as well as the Ford Bronco between 1978 to 1991.

What engines fit a C6 transmission?

The C6 was an automatic transmission used on engines such as the 351 Cleveland and the Ford 385 engines. Some well-known applications of the C6 transmission are the Ford Torino, Thunderbird and Mustang (This transmission has no relation the C6 Corvette).

Will a C6 transmission fit a 460?

No, C6 transmissions are engine family specific as the bellhousing & trans are a one piece casting ie, small block C6 will only fit Cleveland or Windsor, FE (390 etc) will only fit FE, & 385 series (429, 460 etc) will only fit these engines (but will also suit 351M & 400M).

Will a C6 transmission bolt up to a 302 motor?

Premium Member. The C6 will physically bolt onto either the 289 or 302 but I don’t think it will fit the 66 tunnel without some modification to the tunnel. It should fit the 68 tunnel fine, since a big block with a C6 was available that year.

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Will a C6 transmission fit a 351W?

— No, that 351W will not bolt onto your 351M C6. — No, all 351W engines used the 351W bellhousing pattern, shared by the 302, 289, 351C, and 300-I6. — Your C6 uses a pattern shared by the 351M/400M (same engine block), and 429/460.

Which transmission is better C4 or C6?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

Does the C6 transmission have overdrive?

Adding overdrive to a C6 is physically impossible, but the 4R100 can donate its forward planetary gear set for shorter first and second gear ratios. This creates a “wide-ratio” C6.

Is the Ford C6 transmission good?

The C6 is the strongest, most durable light duty automatic Ford has made. It was designed in the 60’s during the horsepower wars. The E4OD / 4R100 is not necessarily a “crap” transmission, it is based on the C6. A lot of the problems came from the programming.

Will a C6 transmission bolt up to a 351 Cleveland?

If you have a small block C6, it will fit the 351c/w. It will also fit 302/289’s as well as other small blocks. If the tranny came from a 351w, it will only fit big blocks such as 400, 429, 460.

Will a 351 transmission fit a 302?

Keep in-mind, there are different versions of each component, and while any 302 components will work on a 351W (except 1980+ 302/5.0L flywheels – wrong balance), the component types must match each other.

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Will a C6 fit in a 1964 Fairlane?

There is pretty much zero room for headers on a 1964 Fairlane with a 351C. You can convert your 6 cyl to a V8 using factory V8 Fairlane parts, but the 289/302 is all that really fits without a LOT of hassle.

Will a T5 transmission fit a 302?

A T5 will work with any 302 motor. The bolt pattern hasn’t changed since 1965.

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