Is there a Bondo for plastic bumpers?

Bondo 31567 Bumper Repair Kit.

Can Bondo be used on plastic bumpers?

Bondo Bumper and Flexible Part Repair is an easy to use, two-part epoxy adhesive used to repair flexible parts, including interior plastic parts, dashboards and bumpers. … It is not recommended for body filler to be applied over plastic bumper covers. This type of plastic has a problem with things adhering well.

Can you use Bondo filler on plastic?

Bondo doesn’t stick especially well to plastic, so if you pry at it with a scewdriver or something it should pry/chip off. If you just got it smudged on there then you could take sandpaper and get it off, but it will probably scuff the plastic too.

Will polyfilla stick to plastic?

meaning that this polyfilla will stay on plastic and even metal if the surfaces are properly clean. It will keep much of its adhesive property even if thinned down with water. … The sponge needs to be damp to prevent the polyfilla from sticking too much.

Why is Bondo bad?

Unfortunately, filling compounds such as Bondo also present some drawbacks. Fillers like Bondo can crack if they are mixed too thickly, harming rather than improving the look of the car. Additionally, there’s a risk of discoloration and poor long-term wear when you use a dent repair filler like Bondo.

Can you use Bondo on vinyl?

Bondo will stick to vinyl wraps and sticker decals. … The surface that was fixed with Bondo has to be sanded. It will work if it is a flat surface.

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