Is the Ford 4 6 v8 a good engine?

Ford’s Modular 4.6 V8 has earned a highly positive reputation amongst owners in terms of reliability and longevity. The engine can easily run well over 200,000 miles. Some taxi services used Crown Victorias with 4.6 V8 until impressive 300,000 or even 400,000 miles.

How long does a 4.6 V8 last?

You can get 400,000 miles out of the 4.6 liter Mustang GT engine if you change the oil every 3,000 miles and if you also maintain your vehicle. It all depends on how much that you take care of your car. Police cruisers go up to 200,000 and 250,000 miles on these same engines.

How long will a Ford V8 last?

How long do Ford F-150s last? The average Ford F-150 will last up to 150,000 to 300,000 miles before you will need to rebuild the engine.

Is 4.6 or 5.4 engine better?

The 4.6 is TOO gutless IMO…the 5.4 is much more torquey and you won’t regret your decision whenever you put your foot down. Any issues with these engines is cause by people not knowing how to properly maintain them…not a design flaw.

How much horsepower does a 4.6 liter V8 have?

Ford 4.6L Modular V-8 Specs

Engine: 4.6L 16v SOHC, 24v SOHC, 32v DOHC
Engine Oil Capacity: 6 quarts w/ filter
Peak Horsepower: 210 hp @ 4,400 rpm (F-150 2v, 1997) 292 hp @ 5,700 rpm (F-150 3v, 2010)
Peak Torque: 290 lb-ft @ 3,250 rpm (F-150 2v, 1997) 320 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm (F-150 3v, 2010)
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How long do Ford engines last?

How long your Ford engine lasts depends on various factors, especially the engine type and use habits, and maintenance. Ford diesel engines can last over 500,000 miles before they require an overhaul. Conversely, Ford gas engines will likely need a rebuild after reaching 200,000 miles.

Is the Ford 5.0 V8 a good engine?

The 5.0L Coyote is a big-displacement, naturally aspirated V8 engine, which a little less complicated than turbocharged V6s and therefore has fewer parts that can fail. The 2011-2017 “Five-Oh” is known as a rock-solid reliable engine.

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