How do I identify a 455 engine?

The numbers cast on the lower left corner of the engine block — or on the cylinder head — indicate the year the engine was manufactured. The casting numbers for a 455 include 395021F, 396021Fa and 231788L.

How do I know what engine is in my Oldsmobile?

The first letter stand for source identification. A 2-letter code on the oil filler tube identified the engine. Have the last six digits of the VIN number, the year of the block, and the assembly plant stamped on the driver’s side of the block below the cylinder head.

Whats the difference between an Olds 455 and a Pontiac 455?

Whats the difference between a pontiac 455 a buick 455 and a olds 445 are they the same? about the only thing the same between them is their displacement. parts are unique to each marque. they share the same transmission to engine bolt pattern, too. … In a word, No, the Buick 455 is not a “weak” engine.

How do I identify my Oldsmobile engine block?

Facing the front of the engine, at the top surface of the timing chain area, to the left of the oil fill tube, there is a code about 1.5″ high followed by the casting number. A letter indicates a big block, a number indicates a small block.

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What Oldsmobile had the 455?

Oldsmobile’s 455 was produced from 1968 to 1976 as the Rocket 455. It featured a 4.126-inch bore and 4.25-inch stroke. Oldsmobile had cheated the 400-cubic-inch GM ban in 1968-1969 by offering it as an underpublicized Hurst/Olds option on the 4-4-2 models.

How can you tell how old a 350 is?

Look at the top of the engine aft of the water pump and fwd of the intake. On the shelf there it should say “395558 2” if it is an Olds 350. Larger “2” on the end. All Oldsmobile V8 engines from oh maybe 1949 on are probably under the vast umbrella of a “Rocket” engine.

Is the Olds 455 a good engine?

The 455 now I have done a lot of these. Very good motor. Huge torque and power wth very little tweaking. A mild cam a decent carb and a set of headers will give more street power than most can use.

How much HP does a 455 olds have?

Its engine, which was introduced in 1968 and featured in the Hurst Olds, Toronado and full-size models, became the standard 4-4-2 powerplant, rated at 365 hp.

How do I identify Oldsmobile heads?

The Oldsmobile factory-production small-block cylinder heads are identified by a number cast into the front lower portion of the head next to the number-1 and number-8 cylinders. The oldest castings have a lower number and the latest production castings have a higher number.

What color are Oldsmobile engines?

Oldsmobile Engine Color

CID Year Color
350 1968 – 1972 Gold
350 1973 – 1977 Metallic Blue
400 1965 – 1969 Bronze
403 1977 – 1979 Metallic Blue
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How much horsepower does a Oldsmobile 307 have?

From 1980 until 1990, Oldsmobile made a 307-cubic-inch, eight-cylinder engine that was capable of producing between 140 and 180 horsepower. The 307 went into nearly all ’80’s Oldmobiles, including the Delta 88s, Cutlass/442, 98s and Toronados.

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