Frequent question: Will car pass MOT with taped on wing mirror?

So, if it’s the N/S mirror which is damaged, and there are also O/S and interior mirrors, simply remove it and tape over the hole. If, however the O/S mirror is damaged, then, it must be in a secure condition to pass the MOT.

Can you drive with a taped wing mirror?

Yes, it’s illegal. It’s not illegal to drive without the passenger side wing mirror, provided the other two mirrors (offside wing mirror and interior mirror) are intact. However, you legally need two working mirrors and one must be on the driver’s side.

Should you stop if you clip wing mirrors?

Wing mirrors are often just slip out of their socket if knocked – you just slip them back in afterwards – you may not actually have done any damage to the other car. But yes, strictly speaking, you should have stopped.

Is a missing wing mirror an MOT failure?

This may mean that due to the reckless driving of another road user or the driver of a large vehicle attempting to squeeze through unsuccessfully, a low mileage driver may come back to their car to find that it has lost a wing mirror. … A car without a driver’s side mirror will also fail an MOT.

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Is it illegal to drive with a damaged wing mirror?

If that gets damaged, then it’s illegal for you to drive your car. But if the nearside wing mirror gets damaged – the one that’s attached to the passenger door – then so long as your other two mirrors are intact, you can legally drive.

How much is a wing mirror replacement?

According to our research, a wing mirror replacement cost in the UK ranges between £160 to £346 per wing mirror. The average cost is usually around £270 including parts and labour. The cost of a wing mirror replacement depends on your car and whether only part or the whole wing mirror needs to be fixed.

Can you drive without an offside wing mirror?

In light of the above information, it is not illegal to drive without the nearside rearview mirror, provided the other two mirrors are intact. It is important to be aware that although not illegal, you can still be stopped by the police if they notice that either one of your wing mirrors is damaged or missing.

How do you reattach a wing mirror glass?

How to use car mirror glue

  1. Remove the old car mirror. Use a heat gun to soften the old adhesive, then gently remove the glass with a flat-headed screwdriver.
  2. Clean and dry the plastic backing.
  3. Apply the car mirror glue to the back of the mirror, about half an inch from the edge. …
  4. Keep the mirror in place while curing.
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