Frequent question: Can police cars have bumper stickers?

Can cop cars have bumper stickers?

No. Police vehicles are marked according to department regulations. Nothing personal can be added without consent from the Chief.

Are there illegal bumper stickers?

A few states have statutes that criminalize the display of obscene bumper stickers. For example: A Tennessee law prohibits the display of “obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers.” An Alabama law prohibits bumper stickers that depict “obscene language of sexual or excretory activities.”

Can Undercover cops have bumper stickers?

NO BUMPER STICKERS. Not even a dealer badge normally.

In the US:

In the US, the closest I have ever seen are vintage police cars. It is illegal in most states to put “Police” on any car, except seemingly for very old cars: … It is legal to buy used police cars, and even paint them black and white, but definitely is not legal to put “Police” on them.

Can you put lewd stickers on your car?

It is illegal to put non-authorized stickers on license plates. In some states it is illegal to have obscene car stickers but whether you are ticketed or not will come down to the definition of obscenity in your state. … Clearly inoffensive stickers are not illegal as long as they do not impair drivers’ vision.

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Is the F word protected speech?

At times, profanity is a non-protected speech category

Profane rants that cross the line into direct face-to-face personal insults or fighting words are not protected by the First Amendment. … United States (1969) established that profanity spoken as part of a true threat does not receive constitutional protection.

Is it illegal to have swear words on car?

That law provided: “It shall be unlawful for any person to display in public any bumper sticker, sign or writing which depicts obscene language descriptive of sexual or excretory activities.” The officer told Baker to remove the sticker or face punishment. Baker agreed to scratch out the offending language.

What do undercover cops drive?

But there are a handful of favorites, and if you see one of these, immediately start searching for more signs.

  • Ford Crown Victoria.
  • Ford Explorer.
  • Dodge Charger (The LX platform, not the classic one)
  • Ford Taurus.
  • Chevy Tahoe.
  • Chevy Impala.
  • Chevy Caprice (The new one. It is ONLY available to Law Enforcement)

Can your car look like a cop car?

For example, California Vehicle Code section 27605 states, “No person shall own or operate a motor vehicle painted in the manner . . . to resemble a motor vehicle used by a peace officer or traffic officer on duty.” If your state has a similar vehicle code, your black and white car could get cited.

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