Can you return at any AutoZone?

To return your product core to an AutoZone store, simply take the core and your receipt to any AutoZone store. … All returns to an AutoZone store are subject to the in-store return policy.

Do AutoZone returns have to be at the same store?

To return a product to an AutoZone store, simply take the product, in its original packaging and/or box, and your receipt to the store of your choice. You must drain all fluids, if any, from the product before returning it. … All returns to an AutoZone store are subject to the in-store return policy.

Can you return something at a different store?

yes, MOST shops will allow you to return goods to any branch of the company, provided you have the reciept and its within (usually) 28 days (sometimes less), and obviously the item is in the same condition it was sold in.

Can I return a part to AutoZone without the box?

Generally, based on AutoZone return policy you have to return a product in an original package/box along with the receipt. However, this AutoZone return policy can be applied not to every product you buy. For example, you can’t return a customized item when the sale is over.

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Does AutoZone keep records of purchases?

In Summary. AutoZone receipt lookup is a courtesy they provide. AutoZone can look up receipts for purchases made in the past three months. And, if your purchase came with a warranty, AutoZone stores your information in its national database.

How long does AutoZone take to refund?

How long does it take for AutoZone to refund money? AutoZone may take 3 to 7 days to refund.

Can I return something I bought at a different Walmart?

You can indeed return an item you bought from one Walmart store to a different Walmart store. However, you must bring along the receipt, the item should be in its original packaging, and the store should have the item in its inventory.

Can I return the same item that I bought cheaper somewhere else?

Returning an unused, unopened item because you found it cheaper elsewhere isn’t shady or dishonest. Most retailers will match a price you find at a competitor. However, there might be a time limit for returns, so check your vendor’s policy on that.

Can I return something to Walmart that I bought at a different store?

To exchange or return an item, here is what you need to know: You have 90 days after purchase to exchange or return, unless noted in our exceptions. You can return items in-store, for free by mail, or via a scheduled pickup from your home. … Return most in-store & online purchases to any Walmart store.

Can I return something without a receipt?

Can you exchange or get a refund without a receipt? If you simply change your mind, the retailer has no legal obligation to give you your money back, should you return an item without a receipt. However, many stores will offer an exchange or credit note, so its always worth asking.

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What is the return policy for Best Buy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, let us help you with a replacement, return or repair. You can return or exchange almost everything within 15 days for a full refund. Simply bring your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, and proof of purchase, and we will process your return or exchange.

How do I get around return policy?

Here’s how to get your money back on absolutely anything:

  1. Find out the return policy before you pay.
  2. Proof of purchase goes a long way.
  3. Be strategic with in-store returns.
  4. Use this secret weapon.
  5. Get money back for shoddy services too.
  6. Get your credit card company involved.
  7. Get your money back for credit card late fees.
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