Can you put two car seats one anchor?

Because the Driver & Center position share a Lower Anchor, it is never possible to install two car seats – one in the Driver & one in the Center seat – with both using the Lower Anchors, as 2 car seats can never be attached to the same Lower Anchor.

Can car seats share a tether?

Once a car seat is turned forward-facing, it must be held in place with both a tether strap and the seat belt or universal anchorage system (UAS). … It is the law in Alberta that a tether strap must be used for all forward-facing safety seats.

Can you anchor a carseat in the middle?

Do NOT install a car seat in the center seat using the lower anchors of the LATCH system unless your vehicle manual specifically states that a car seat can be installed in the center using the lower anchors.

Can I install car seat without tether?

Older Vehicles may not Accommodate Forward Facing Car Seats

In a car without tether anchors, the Graco Extend2Fit lets this 4 year old continue to safely rear face. … Rear facing car seats fit just fine in many vehicles that don’t include factory-installed tether anchors becuase they don’t require a top tether.

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