Best answer: Which side of the engine is left?

Left=drivers side. right=passenger side.

Which side is the left side of an engine?

The left side is the front of a transverse powertrain.

What side is the engine?

The side where the clutch or torque converter attach. The other sides are in relation to the rear: the side opposite the rear is the front, and the left side of the engine is the side on your left as you look at the engine from the rear, and likewise the right.

Which side is the left cylinder head?

The left side head is on the drivers left and the right side is on the drivers right. For a transverse engine, the side is determined by standing behind the engine.

Is Left driver or passenger side?

In the US, cars come with the drivers side being on the left. In Australia, the cars come with the drivers side being on the right.

Which side of engine is right bank?

If the engine is sideways it is front or rear bank. But try this stand at the transmission end of the engine facing the engine. the right bank is on the right.

What is rear left?

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